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An Interesting Trip to Wuyi Mountains


Last weekend,  Xiamen Mason organized a trip to Wuyi Mountains. It is a famous scenic site in Fujian Province. In 1999, Wuyi Mountains was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its  biodiversity, cultural and scenic values. There are many tourist destinations on the mountain groups. During the three days journey, we have climbed steep Tianyou Peak, taken a bamboo raft drift down the winding Nine-bend Stream,went through the narrow thin strip of sky and watched the wonderful Impression Da Hong Pao performance. Although most of the spots are full of adventure, we don’t afraid of these challenges. To the contrary, everybody try to do his best and smoothly visited every spot. As a Chinese tombstone supplier, our team often meet with difficulties at work. However, we have no fears and patiently solve the problems. In the journey, we also summon the spirit. May we still keep the spirit in the further work!

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