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Mourn the deceased with QR code


In past years, the only way you can take to mourn the deceased is to erect a tombstone for them. To custom a unique design tombstone and engraving specified content on it--this is the best way to remember your loved one. But now the new technology create a better way for commemorating--put QR code on a headstone.

What is QR code ?

QR code (Quick Response code) is a pattern that could be identified by smartphone. Through reading the black code in a a white square, your phone will link to a personalized web page.

How to have a QR code for headstone ?

with very low or even free cost, you can get a QR code from some sites such as new.familysearch.com, ancestry.com, qrmemorials.com and many other websites. All you need to do is to create an account on the selected site and upload images, videos and messages about the new deceased. Then, the sites will provide you with a customized QR code.

How to attach the QR code to a headstone ?

The QR code will be made into a steel plaque which has special glue on the reverse side to adhere to the gravestone. The plaque will remain attached through all weather conditions.

We produce various types of tombstones according to customers’ requirement. If you are going to purchase headstones, just log in www.xmmason.com and find the one you like.

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