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We Sell Cremation Urns


If you live where cremation is accepted, purchasing an urn for the deceased is inevitable. Since every region has its custom and culture, urns also have different styles and sizes. For some people, it is a headache to choose the right ones. However, simple style urns can be used globally. Thus, it is advisable to buy a plain one if you have no idea of selecting a suitable urn . Xiamen Mason has produced stone urns for many years. Our main materials contains granite, marble and jade. Because stone is solid and uneasy to be broken and flung, urns made of stone are hot-selling. Most stone urns are simple, so they are fit for any country. And the size can be small or big according to customers’ requirement. The urns made of granite or marble look generous and grace. While the jade one is more noble and elegant. Here we choose a few urns for you reference.

Granite Urn

China Grey Granite Urn

Black Granite Urn

Marble Urn

White Marble Urn
Yellow Marble Urn

Jade Urn

Green Stone Urn
Jade Cremation Urn

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