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White Marble - The Most Pure Stone


Due to the fresh colors, sheer textures and fine pattern, white marble is common in daily life. It is used in broad areas including building decoration, furniture manufacturing and crafts production. White Marble is also called Alabaster, which belongs to limestone. When the hot magma from the deep Earth is steadily forced its way into the rock cracks, the calcium carbonate granules are squeezed and roasted. After slowly cooled, they become calcite with crystals. Thus, the obscure limestone turns into beautiful and bright marble! Since white marble is pure, it has been applied in sculpture. The top grade one has plain grain and good hardness. The sculpture made of it could keep for more than a thousand years. Besides, it is a general material for tombstone manufacture. The white marble headstone is distinct and elegant. As a big stone manufacture, xiamen Mason offers hundreds of materials. Our white marble stone comes from both China and foreign countries. If you want more information, please search www.xmmason.com.

White Marble Stone

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