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  • Carved Flower Image for Tombstone
    Carved Flower Image for Tombstone

    Flower image is often used to decorate gravestone. It occurs to us our strong relationship with the lost loved ones, takes the grief of the living to the dead, show the identity of the tomb owner. But the main reason that the fees of flower carving is so cheap as not to add any extra fees. Since it ...

  • A Nice Christmas Party
    A Nice Christmas Party

    Christmas is a time for celebration. This year,Xiamen Mason held a special holiday party. We invited staffs and their children to celebrate Christmas in the company. The company was decorated with Christmas tree, balloons and some ornaments. we prepared exquisite cards and gifts for staff, showing o...

  • Large Double Gravestone
    Large Double Gravestone

    Double gravestone is increasingly popular in recent years. Generally, double headstone is applied in spouse grave. Since it designed for two people, this kind of tombstone would be large than single one. Also, the pattern is symmetrical. Double heart is the most classic adornment. Also, book is anot...

  • A Good News about Shipment for You
    A Good News about Shipment for You

    A good news for our dear customers! As it is nearing Spring Festival holiday,to finish the work and deliver goods in time, our workers have buried themselves in work day and night. Ultimately, the order about western style granite gravestone placed last week has been made successfully just in one we...

  • The Latest Shipment
    The Latest Shipment

    Because the new year holiday is coming, our factory rush the work to to ensure that orders placed before new year could be shipped timely. Last week, after hard work, we have finished the production of some orders of western style granite tombstone. The quality products were shipped and transported ...

  • An Interesting Trip to Wuyi Mountains
    An Interesting Trip to Wuyi Mountains

    Last weekend,  Xiamen Mason organized a trip to Wuyi Mountains. It is a famous scenic site in Fujian Province. In 1999, Wuyi Mountains was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its  biodiversity, cultural and scenic values. There are many tourist destinations on the mountain groups. ...

  •  New Style Tombstones for Christmas
    New Style Tombstones for Christmas

    With less than a month to go before Christmas, Xiamen Mason plans to launch some new style tombstones for the celebration of the happy festival. The topic of the works is flower. Designers try to combine intricate stone flower carvings with solemn gravestones. The greyish flower adornments with high...

  • Shipping Arrangement at the End of 2019
    Shipping Arrangement at the End of 2019

    Because of the coming Chinese New Year, we are sorry to inform you that we have to adjust the shipping arragement. The following is the delivery schedule between December 2019 to January 2020. The orders placed in December 2019 will be shipped on time. The orders placed in January 2020 will be shipp...

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