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How to Attach Cemetery Vase to Headstone?


Cemetery vase is a beautiful decoration for headstone. If you attach it by yourself, you can save the labor cost. Here are the ways to attach a cemetery vase to headstone.

First, you need to clean the surface of a tombstone. You can clean it by paper towel and water to make sure that the high polished gravestone surface is not been scratched.

Next, you should position the vase. You need to find a place you like and put the vase on it.

Then, You can prepare binder and apply it. Putting some epoxy on the bottom of the vase.

After, it is time to secure the vase. You have to secure the vase to headstone. You can use your body weight to press down on the vase in case the vase do not attach to the headstone closely.

Finally, You should clean up the epoxy remaining on the headstone.

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