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New Sandblast Technology for Headstone


In the Italy exhibition last month, Xiamen Mason displayed some latest design products with new sandblast technology. Today, we would like to introduce in details the technique.

The new sandblast technology is indeed a new imaging technique developed by Xiamen Mason. In the past, people generally applied line carving craft to present image on headstone. Image engraved by this technique is as rigid as stiff. Additionally, the line is rougher.

Thus, after years of trial, we have invented a new way of imaging to replace the old one. The principle of the new technology is to sandblast images on headstone. The technique is more complicated for it requires extremely high the harmony of light and shadow. Picture made in this method is more legible and lifelike, just like using 3D technology!

The newest technology is currently unique to Xiamen Mason. We take it in the fabrication of headstone, France funeral plaques and other products with pictures. If you have intention, please feel free to contact us. Leo@xmmason.com

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