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What You Need to Care about Stone Transportation


Stone transportation is a material segment in stone trade. Once stones were destroyed on passage, the loss will be great. Thus, you need to take some measures to guarantee the safety of transport.

1. Before transportation, the stones must be packed well by wooden crate.Stone acute angles should be protected carefully.

2. The trunk body or cabin provided for transportation shall keep clean.Or stones will be smudged, especially for the light-colored stones such as gray granite stones or white marble stones.

3. When loading,the stones should be set upright following the moving direction in case that the speed is fast,stones are likely to crash.

4. The thick slabs and original gloss bat slab should be put on the bottom. The thinner slabs and light weight goods should be put on the top.This is a effective way to protect stones from being crushed. Every floor should be separated by wooden slats to shun corner damage. Besides,for physical safety, the cargo and passengers must be separated.

5. Automobile transportation is a necessary link in stone transportation,but it is also easy to lead to traffic accidents. Choosing a nice truck,hence,is imperative. The use of wrecked truck should be prohibited.

6. Ensure that you have taken out insurance and do not overload.

7. Stone shall be hidden to prevent sun, rain and wind in transit.


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