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Which One Is Better, Concrete Or Sett?


When choosing a material to pave the road of garden or driveway, some people may feel it is difficult to make the decision. Which one is better, concrete or sett? If you are also perplexed by this question, the following content will help you.

Before buying materials, some influence factors need to be considered.

1. Durability

Both concrete and sett are hard enough to withstand great pressure. But sett can keep for a longer time. Besides, the joints between stones assist in water drainage, while concrete doesn’t have this function.

2. Cost

The cost of sett is higher than concrete. The price of set is around 9 to 14 dollars per square foot, which is 30% more than the one of concrete.

3. Maintenance

Once the concrete split, the damage is usually extensive. So the fee for maintenance would be high. Conversely, because the sett are laid block by block,once there are paving stones destroyed, you only need to repair part of them. Thus, the cost is low.

4. Appearance

Obviously, paving stones are more popularize than concrete in appearance. Most setts are made of granite, slate, travertine, or sandstone. They have more sizes, styles and colors. But if you prefer a minimal look, concrete will be more suitable for you.

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