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The Marble Export Growth of Europe in 2019


Europe plays an important role in marble export. Below is the previous report of some Europe countries’ marble exports growth during 2019.

Italy showed a general increase in marble blocks and slabs trade, but the finished marble products export had an decline both in value and quantity. It is worth noting that among the first ten month, Italy exported 324.24 million euros of marble blocks and slabs as well as 660.13 million euros of finished marble products.

The marble blocks and slabs of Spain had an overall decline.The lowest record happened in August (-35.28%). The number of finished marble products also suffered an loss. August is still the lowest month with a decrease of 34.39%.

For Portugal, 2019 is a significant year since it has a growth in marble blocks and slabs exports. Both the value and quantity had a apparent growth. The highest rise is in March(+73.64%). The finished marble products also grow. It is worth noting that during the first nine month, Portugal export 31.13 million marble blocks and slabs which is higher than 23.01 million of 2018.

Compared to the same period of 2018, Greece had a increase in marble blocks and slabs. Besides, the finished products had an increase, as well. It is worth noting that Greece export 109.17 million euros finished marble products against of 103.72 million euros in the first nine month of previous year.

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